Video Sharing App With Universal Appeal

We were approached by Max My Minutes with a nucleus of an idea to revolutionise the way workout videos were shared and consumed. With involvement at such an early stage, we were able to deliver a series of concepts solving the complex stakeholder issues.

I’ve had some really good discussions with them around the best way to deliver a particular idea… it has been invaluable and the quality of the UX has far exceeded our expectations.

Finlay Murray, CEO Max My Minutes

UX Solution Points

Defining the competition

A competitor analysis proved the market niche within a field of larger players who serviced the market using dated DVD format material.

The need was identified to find a format to service those users with a mobile-based solution.

User ↔ Creator relationship

The needs of alternative user types were investigated and established. Personal trainers and fitness professionals who would normally be contracted to produce DVDs could now use a different route for their content - to ‘broadcast’ through an app and reach their audience directly.

Subscriptions could be used to monetise this premium content, providing a revenue stream for the app to enable content creators to be compensated for their work. This in turn would promote more quality content, driving user growth.

The Mixing Desk

One of the early decisions, based on prototyping, was to allow users to easily reuse content. This meant creating only one kind of content which would be reused multiple times - such as the warm up or cool down, as these types of exercises were generally always the same. This streamlined the process of creating Mixes using a Mixing Desk solution where users could quickly add and drag to rearrange content.

A social angle

Enabling fitness professionals was only one persona type to cater for. Allowing more mainstream users to access a wide variety of content, and share their own was vital to ensure the service appealed to the widest audience. Adding the ability for users to follow and be followed by others - to consume content that was appealing, but also to enable sharing to a specific audience - solved both the content discoverability problem, and helped with content variety.

Make it unique

Visually, the app needed to be simple but striking and unique in the established video app space. Keeping the UI simple, the colour palette was identified as being a key differentiator. Multiple palettes were tested until a clear combination was found which provided the uniqueness - by selecting a single keynote colour swatch - but also simplicity - by keeping the rest of the palette muted.


Creating an MVP means keeping things simple. React Native was chosen for the app which allowed a set of native components to be re-used across both iOS and Android, essentially halving the development time. The back end was built using Sails, also a Javascript solution, which provided a stable and simple, but scalable solution.


The UX insight and swift production of the MVP has provided the business with the tools required to bring their product to the mass market, and next steps towards the growth of the business.



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