Android App Development

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Android is one of the rapidly growing smartphone operating system. It has a user base of over 40% of total mobile users across the world. It is user-friendly, flexible and provides millions of apps from the Play Store.

We provide end-to-end services to help you turn your idea into a successful Android mobile product.

Our Android Services

Material Design

We stick with Google’s guidelines to help you keep pace with the ever-changing technologies and trends of UX and UI design. Our apps allow for a unified experience across all screens while engaging the user instead of simply pleasing their eye. They provide clear layouts and journeys, being accessible and handy to users of all skills and abilities.

Kotline & Java Development

We use Kotlin and Java programming languages for Android app development. Kotlin is brand new, but is quickly becoming standard for Android development. It has a number of benefits, and has been used by a number of high profile apps. Slack, Lyft, Evernote, Pinterest, Reddit, American Express, Expedia and Netflix are among the apps which have leveraged Kotlin.

Android App Quality Assurance

One of the challenges with Android app development is the diversity of devices offering differing screen resolutions and processing speeds, and the range of Android operating software releases all offering varying overlapping subsets of functionality. We use a wide variety of test devices to ensure your app is optimised for the widest selection of Android devices.

Android Specific Functionality

Android Pay

Much like Apple Pay, Android Pay allows users to store credit and debit card information on their smartphones, and then wirelessly pay for goods and services quickly and securely. To make it more secure, Android Pay uses a virtual account number instead of your own, and also keeps a detailed history of purchases made using the app.


Android features a sophisticated push notification system which we can leverage to ensure users are kept up-to-date with any relevant data and are pushed back in to your app.

Google Now

Google Now gives context-sensitive handling of information right when you need it. For example use Google Now for a restaurant date, and it will show reviews for the location and put the event in your calendar.

Android Widgets

Widgets allow users to share content and notifications in real-time.

Google Maps

Integration of Google Maps into your app can either provide extra information or conversely base your entire app functionality around it.

In App Purchase & Subscriptions

We ensure your revenue stream is assured by integrating IAP seamlessly into your app.

Getting your app noticed

App stores are crowded marketplaces and without a concerted App Store Optimisation (ASO) strategy you run the risk of remaning invisible to your customers. Along with this we can provide a range of solutions to help get your app noticed, tailored specifically for your target audience.


If you’re bootstrapping a great app idea the usual first step is to produce a Minimal Viable Product to validate a market exists for your product. On a minimal budget, we can provide a clickable prototype through to a downloaded app from the App Stores, using the minimum of functionality, to help take your business to the next stage.


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