Digital Product Strategy

Sandbar is an innovative London based digital agency specialising in solutions for startup entrepreneurs, fast-growth companies and businesses looking to solve complex digital problems.

A successful digital product strategy requires a mix of the right UX, the right visual design, the right functionality and implementation with the right technologies.

We’ll take your product vision and apply our industry knowledge and experience to advise on the optimum strategy for routes to market and the product roadmap.

Your product strategy

The process of determining an initial digital product strategy can be broken down into three key areas:

Market & Needs

Defining the target market will then help to determine what your potential users require from your particular product vision. Answering the following key questions will gain insight into what your product is aiming towards:

  • Who are the target market?
  • What needs do they have?
  • What problems are trying to be solved?

Key Features & Differentiators

Examining the industry is crucial in determining what competitors are in the same space.

  • What are the competition doing and what gives them market share?
  • How does your product compare, and what are the USPs?

Business Goals

Taking a step back and ensuring the correct goals are defined will help guide the product in the correct direction for these goals, and also help to establish the Key Performance Indicators as the product progresses through its lifecycle.

  • What are the eventual aims of the business?
  • Is it to solve a specific problem, if so can this be done a different way?

Our Input

Research & Discovery

We’ll research and help evaluate the answers to those questions - and we’ll use them to drive the project and guide our design decisions.

Product Value Proposition

We’ll dig deep into your business to determine what sets you apart – and how we can leverage that into a unique value proposition.

Benchmarking & Competitive Analysis

We evaluate and benchmark similar products and apps in the same space. We also look at a competitor’s strategies used to achieve their objectives with their product. Finally, we measure a competitor’s strengths and weaknesses as well as their app user experience.

It's all about the users

Users make the product. So we’ll learn everything we can about them – who they are, what drives them, and what they need and expect from you and your brand.

Product Concepting

Experiences are shaped by story. Our conceptualization planning includes the creation of User Stories, User Scenarios, and Use Cases. As a result, we can ensure that we’re reaching the right audiences – and giving them the right paths to follow.


It will also involve developing an expertise of your market, industry, users, competition, technology, and design. In order to create a digital product that is both innovative and competitive, understanding the domain you are engaged with, who your users are, and what differentiates you.


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