React Native App Development

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We specialise in React Native framework, the technology created and maintained by Facebook and AirBnB for their apps. It allows deployment to both Android and iOS using a single codebase, and uses asynchronous interactions between the native platform and the application code, allowing a fluid and responsive user experience.

It not only allows rapid development but also saves time and cost on writing to multiple codebases. We find this route highly successful and productive for up-and-coming businesses and those on a fixed budget.

Why is React Native a good choice for a mobile app?

It's cross platform

We usually find this the clincher in the debate when a client is deciding how to approach a project on a budget. The fact that you can, more or less, use the same codebase to create both iOS and Android apps means the development time for standard functionality is essentially halved.

It's created and maintained by Facebook

React Native was created by Facebook developers to use for the Facebook app. This means a robust and stable codebase which is continually updated with new functionality and fixes.

Mainstream adoption

There are now a large number of high profile apps which have adopted the framework for their apps, which means even more developers are supporting it. These include AirBnB, Instagram, Skype, Tesla, Walmart, Bloomberg, Discord, Gyroscope, UberEats among many others.

Open source

React Native is Open Source which means it is continually augmented by the wider development community.

Reusable components

React Native’s building blocks are all reusable ‘native components’ which compile directly to native. This means standard components you would normally use in Android and iOS are instantly available, allowing a consistent user experience on both platforms.

It's fast

Reusable components allow you to build apps with a more agile, web-style approach which will conversely perform with native speed. The Javascript interactions are asynchronous and multi-threaded leading to fast load times and a smoother feel.

Plugging in native code is a cinch

There are times when specific native code is required for more complex functionality. This could be machine learning for image recognition, or simply accessing the device’s functions such as local storage, the compass or rotation. By using a simple bridge, both Java for Android and Objective-C or Swift for iOS can be integrated with minimal effort, allowing code to be called with callbacks directly from React Native.

Getting your app noticed

App stores are crowded marketplaces and without a concerted App Store Optimisation (ASO) strategy you run the risk of remaning invisible to your customers. Along with this we can provide a range of solutions to help get your app noticed, tailored specifically for your target audience.

MVP Development

If you’re bootstrapping a great app idea the usual first step is to produce a Minimal Viable Product to validate a market exists for your product. On a minimal budget, we can provide a clickable prototype through to a downloaded app from the App Stores, using the minimum of functionality, to help take your business to the next stage.


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