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User Experience or 'UX' is concerned with the entire process or stages of a product from first use through the processes of the product itself to help and maintenance.

Poor UX can lead to users dropping out of your product or sales funnel and hence is vital to the success or failure.

We take identify the motivations of users, what functions and features they will require to achieve those aims, and consider the accessibility and aesthetics of how to implement. These are then evaluated using User Journeys through the product lifecycle to ensure those motivations are being met successfully.


User Interface design or Visual design, involves shaping how your digital product feels for the user, and is a another vital component in the success or failure of a product.

The aesthetics of interface elements are combined and evaluated to ensure the functionality is central and users are engaged, helping to build trust with the product and brand.

We ensure your product is fine-tuned to shine across all screen sizes and platforms required.

UX Process

Competitive Analysis

Assess the strengths and weaknesses of competitors against your user’s needs.

Mental Model

Capture user behaviour, pain points, motivations and needs from contextual inquiries. These are then grouped into pillars and product features are mapped out to identify gaps, opportunities, and feature bloat.


The data from the mental model can be summarised into personas. This can be data points such as type of personality, how technological savvy they are, their motivations, frustrations and goals.

Customer Journey Map

Each persona can be placed into a mao where the business goals and desired outcome can be mapped for each persona. Subsequently, how they discover, and start using the product can be determined.

Task Analysis

This identifies the thought process and desired reactions towards each task flow segment.

Red Route Analysis

This maps out the user experience for common tasks. Those used by few users, and those frequently used can be mapped out to determine which are easily accessible, and which can be moved away from the main user flow.


These visually communicate abstract concepts, and the flow through the product.

Rapid Prototyping

Using the wireframes to allows users to complete tasks digitally or on paper. This can highlight any possible usability issues at an early stage.

UI Process

Mood Boards

Visual Design, involving palette choice, fonts and an overall look and feel can be mapped out in a series of mood boards to attempt to distill an essence of what the product should feel like to the user.

Visual Design Mockups

The mood board decisions can be introduced into the mockups where decisions will be made on layout and a hierarchy of styles from titles, body copy, buttons, form elements, lists and imagery.

Build Specification

At this point pixel measurements and libraries are created to enable developers to build.


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